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Journal Entry: Wed Oct 1, 2014, 3:22 PM

keeper of the frerard demons

sorry sorry sorry i kept forgetting to post this woops.


we might as well start this out with the panorama of Salzburg that I took from the highest tower of Hohensalzburg Castle. there's some Alps (or at least the Pre-Alps) in the background. and ignore my dad...:XD: (please full view for the true beauty lol)

more about the castle later, though. next we have Salzburg Cathedral. pretty. yes. also some lovely horses. yeeee.

salzburg as we were riding in on the train (metro?? what is it called help)

horse butts. my family and i just thought this was funny because the guy was not directing the horses at all, just talking to the tourists, and the horses were like 'yeah we got this'

some really beautiful dogs we saw (also i was laughing so hard when we saw the german shepherd because we saw none in germany but a ton in austria.)

some gorgeous flower gardens (and the castle in the background yeee)

mikey way's favorite statue and a pegasus fountain
20140728 143214 by KilljoyAtHeart20140728 143753 by KilljoyAtHeart
are you sensing a theme with the horses here? am I.
20140728 153410 by KilljoyAtHeart

let's take a coffee break from the horses. (funny story: somehow, every day we ended up drinking cappuccinos every day at four pm, which is a very German thing to do according to our German friends we were staying with?? idk but let me tell you this was some good coffee)
also mango gelato and the castle in the background. it was a good day.
 20140728 182755 by KilljoyAtHeart
are you ready for the castle?
you sure?
okay, okay!

panorama from the (many, many, many) stairs leading up to the castle.
20140728 163344 by KilljoyAtHeart
i mean um it was sorta pretty *sniffs* okay very pretty and very cool *wipes tear* i am a castle nerd

there was a torture chamber. and a dungeon (but not the fun kind, sorry.)
20140728 172715 by KilljoyAtHeart
but there were cute and slightly more princessy/disney aspects, too. look at these cute flowers and awww 

20140728 174420 by KilljoyAtHeart
20140728 175918 by KilljoyAtHeart20140728 180203 by KilljoyAtHeart
a view fit for a king *laughs* see what i did there...?

oh yeah...there was a whole room of the castle full of really creepy medieval marionette puppets? no...I'm not kidding., I'll show you.
20140728 175024 by KilljoyAtHeart20140728 175227 by KilljoyAtHeart


here's a lake we went to (also in austria, although we kind of accidentally went to austria...we didn't know we were there until we checked google maps and were like oh okay new country wHY DID WE NOT HAVE TO SHOW OUR PASSPORTS because americans are fucking crazy about identification and national security or whatever I don't even know. europe, y'all are chill and cool about that, which is A+. you're doing it right.) anyway,fullview the lake bc it was awesome
20140729 151614 by KilljoyAtHeart
a flower and a weird bug; the river that flowed out of the lake
20140729 153102 by KilljoyAtHeart
we would've gone swimming in the lake, but we chose the worst possible day to go because it started raining and i was wearing literally my shortest pair of shorts and a white t-shirt like WOW ELENA COULD YOU HAVE PLANNED FOR THIS ANY WORSE? I DON'T THINK SO. but one of the boys we were staying with was a gentleman and gave me his rain jacket...i felt bad tho bc nobody else had rain jackets so i returned it and we all shivered and suffered together. and then we got ice cream. logic? no.

okay, can I just say that the Paris airport (Charles de Galle? something like that...? oh man I am sorry I can't remember all these names) is fucking weird?? like...I don't even know. it's all crammed together and cluttered and the Munich airport was not like that...idk is it just me or is it a legitimately weird place? pretty, but uh...yeah.

and finally...on our long, long flight back (we literally went across the atlantic and then across the US *pained smile* i love living on the west coast) we flew over Greenland and it was one of the coolest things I've ever seen. THERE ARE POLAR BEARS SOMEWHERE DOWN THERE. and gLACIERS. (melting glaciers. thanks global warming)
On our 23 hours of flight time (roughly) back, we had light the whole time because we were chasing the night across the ocean...not exactly fun. everyone on that plane was sleeping and i was like 'how can you do this' so I just watched Captain America: Winter Soldier, The Lego Movie, and Django Unchained over and over again and made my painful and slow way through A Midsummer Night's Dream. (horribly ironic, because it was midsummer but it was not night and i was certainly not dreaming)

Anyway, it was a pretty great trip. Sorry for this monster of a journal entry...I hope this gave you guys at least a little entertainment :'D

much love,


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