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so it's been a while. i'm sorry.

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 18, 2014, 4:20 PM

keeper of the frerard demons

hey guys, uh...i guess this is my...monthly check-in?

i'm sorry for the lack of fanfics. i really am. and i'm sorry that rather than going out with a bang, i just kind of...faded away. 

it's been a rough couple of months for me. maybe it has for some of you, too. and if it has, i am sorry, and i know what it's like.

i ended a friendship, other friendships ended of their own accord, i struggled with old problems, fell into old habits, got some bad news, saw far too many doctors, have been sick in more ways than one, and had a great big series of existential crises.

it was not a lot of fun.

luckily, i am a lot better now than i was before, i think. i've been doing nanowrimo - write a 50k novel in a month - and that has really been therapeutic for me. so even if i've stopped writing frerard, i am still writing. i don't think it's in my nature to stop.

i've also been doing a lot of art, and working as part of the technical theater crew for my school. it's a lot of fun, even if i have nearly severely injured myself with dangerous tools more times than i can count...

also, i don't know why this is in all lowercase. i guess it just felt right, somehow. i don't know.

anyway, i guess what i'm saying is goodbye. i highly doubt there will be anymore writing posted here. maybe art. maybe journals, if you guys want to stick around. but i want you to know that i'll never delete this account. and i'll still check in from time to time - i like it here. i can't ever let it go, not really.

i want to be able to look back on it twenty years from now, and remember everyone i met, all the gifts i received, all the critiques and comments and praise and sheer, overwhelming love that all of you gave to me when i needed it most.

i only hope i gave something back.

i love you more than you can know,


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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, violence/gore and strong language)
A world with vampires was not nearly as scary as one might think.

Perhaps it had been a little chaotic and dangerous at first – it was pretty hard to control a considerable number of hungry, powerful creatures with fangs meant for ripping into throats. But there were still far more humans than there were vamps, so certain rules were put in place, and they were enforced very strictly. Firstly, no vampire could drink from a human without their consent. Humans sometimes asked for a payment of some kind in return, which was irritating – but it worked out. Secondly, no vampire could kill a human, accidentally or otherwise. It qualified as manslaughter if they took too much blood and unintentionally caused death, and otherwise, it was murder. Thirdly, no vampire could turn a human unless the human gave their express consent beforehand and the situation was life or death.

Gerard had been turned in a simpler time, two hundred years ago in the year 1530. He had been a simple farm boy in the south of France who had far too much curiosity and dreams far too large for such a small human. He didn’t remember very much of his life Before – but he did remember riding the farm’s Breton horse through the forest, adrenaline and sheer joy flowing through him as the wind howled through his long, dark hair. And he remembered the first time he met her in the forest – the girl with porcelain skin and eyes like the night sky. She was called Lindsey, but he fell in love with her before he even knew her name.

They had been young – he was barely in the spring of his eighteenth year, and she was just a year younger. The memories he had of her were fleeting but vibrant, like a series of close-up watercolors. He remembered the first time that they had kissed – the trembling of their lips and the sigh of their breaths. He remembered her favorite dress – faded blue silk, a very fine thing in the poor countryside – and he remembered the laughter in her eyes when he struggled to undo the lacings of her corset, cursing at the intricacy of fashion.

He remembered covering her with his own body in the barn’s hayloft, kissing her neck as she gasped, whispering how much he loved her, how beautiful she was, how lucky he was to have her. She had just clutched at his shoulders desperately, tossing her head back, and after that everything dissolved into warmth and pleasure.

Yes…they had their own little paradise for a short time. And then a stranger came to town – he had pale hair and blue eyes, and he wore a long cloak. He had knocked on the door of the farmhouse, asking the farmer if he could have a place to spend the night, offering him money in return. Of course the farmer complied, and gave him the hayloft to sleep in since the house was small, with only one bedroom, and Gerard’s small cot on the floor.

The farmer had neglected to tell Gerard about the visitor, so when he went into the barn that night with Lindsey to put the horse back in her stall, neither of them were expecting the tall, pale man to climb down the ladder and fix them both with an unwavering stare. He went for Gerard first, lunging at him with arms outstretched, and Gerard had been expecting fists…instead he got teeth, fangs slicing through his veins to reach his blood. He’d fallen to the ground, overcome by the pain, and he could faintly hear Lindsey screaming as he bled out.

He had felt so light, as if he were floating, and he knew with a kind of terrible certainty that he was going to die. The man left him there, collapsed on the straw, and moved on to Lindsey. At the first sound of her cries, Gerard had forced his eyes open, his vision blurring, but his resolve still strong. He saw her there, his true love at death’s door, and with the last of his strength, he reached for the hay pitchfork to his right, propped up against the stall. And yet, he could not quite reach it. But he tried. And Lindsey slipped away into silence and darkness.

The man had turned back to him, crimson splattering his now monstrous face. He had said, “You’re a stubborn one, aren’t you?” and then he had bit into his own wrist, holding it over Gerard’s parted lips with a smirk. The man’s blood tasted acidic, burning his tongue, but the man made him swallow it, until he was writhing, his jaw falling open with a choked noise. The man leaned over him, eyes dark and wanting, and Gerard’s fingers finally closed around the handle of the pitchfork.

With one sharp movement, he stabbed the three prongs into the side of the man’s neck with a force he did not know he had. His limbs were seizing up and his breath was coming in short pants, but he fought to keep his eyes focused so that he could see the shock on the man’s face before he toppled off of Gerard, struggling to remove the weapon and failing.

“You fool,” the man gurgled, still, somehow, alive. “You cannot…you cannot kill me.”

But Gerard knew he could. And when he saw Lindsey’s motionless body mere feet away from him, he knew that he would have to. For her.

He took the tinderbox from where it was tucked into his pocket with shaking, twitching fingers. His mouth ached, and his teeth shifted – lengthening into perfect points, piercing his lips and making him taste his blood – except, it tasted the same as the man’s – fiery and inhuman.

The man’s eyes widened. “No,” he hissed.

Gerard struck a spark, threw the tinderbox towards the man, and the barn went up in flames.


Of course, that had been a long time ago. Gerard preferred not to dwell on it too much – things were better now. After managing to escape the barn with his life, he’d finished his change in the forest, covered in sweat and cursing God and humanity and the monster that had done this to him. He’d been pretty dramatic in his early days. The change didn’t hurt nearly as much as, say, being almost beheaded. Which had happened…the Middle Ages were not a very good time to be a vampire. (Or a witch, or a peasant, or anyone who wasn’t wealthy and Christian and had a good doctor. And even then, your chances of survival were iffy.)

The hunger when he’d awoken hadn’t been easy either – he somehow found himself in the nearest town, slaughtering a whole family, before he came to his senses. And after that, he was more careful. He traveled far away, to Italy, where he found more of his kind and learned their ways – for example, the best veins to use, the healing properties of their saliva, and the full extent of the mysterious thralling powers of vampires. He was a rarity among them – a vampire without a sire. Because of this oddity, many vampires looked upon him with curiosity, but none of them ever knew that it was he who had killed his own maker.

He didn’t regret it.

He continued to travel, and in the 17th century, found himself in London at the time of The Great Plague. He ate better than he had in years, and was thankful that he was immune to the disgusting diseases of humans. Still…humans held a certain fascination for him, some more than others, and when he came upon a dying boy perhaps as old as he was, his thin body wracked with coughs, Gerard made his first child.

His name was Michael, and Gerard doted upon him, teaching him everything that he knew and being the best sire he could. Michael, ironically enough, actually looked older than Gerard – he was taller and had a more angled face, very unlike Gerard’s soft features. But they traveled together and hunted together and lived forever together, and a decade later, their wanderings brought them to Spain. There they found a sailor and explorer named Raymond, who gladly took them on as his crew. They sailed to the Colonies, and found much wealth. But on the return trip, they were attacked by pirates off the coast of Portugal, and though they managed to barely escape, Ray was badly injured by musket fire. As he lay dying in Gerard’s arms, thanking them for staying with him ‘til the end and asking them to give him his Last Rites, Gerard gave Ray his blood instead. And so Gerard became a sire of two.

Now, it was the year 1730, and the three of them were in Italy at the height of the Renaissance. Gerard loved Italy – the rolling hills and endless fields reminded him of home. For now, though, they were in the city – Florence was a sight to see any day, but at night it was truly spectacular. It was well-known for its arts, its wine, and its population of vampires. Gerard was quite sure he’d never seen more of his kind in one place before, and they didn’t lurk in the shadows, either. After the Laws of 1690, they grew bolder, and society slowly accepted them.

The abundance of vampires did make finding food a bit of a struggle, though.

And yet, the three of them had found a small bar, tucked away near one of the city parks, where humans were trading their blood – some freely, some with payment required. Gerard was starving, and when they entered the dimly lit building, his pupils dilated immediately at the scent of fresh blood, and he narrowed his eyes at the desired target – a young man with dark hair leaning against the bar, arms folded, talking to a vampiress who scoffed at him before turning away (though Gerard could see the reluctance in her movements, and no wonder – his blood smelled divine). The man looked up, and their eyes met, green to gold, and Gerard’s lips curled back from his teeth. Yes, this boy would do.

Ray and Michael flanked him as he approached, head held high. The man tipped his chin up in defiance when they came closer, and Gerard couldn’t help but stare at the pulse point of his neck. The three vampires formed a half-circle around the human, and he chuckled. “Three? My, my, I’m so flattered.”

Gerard rolled his eyes. “You are offering, aren’t you?”

“Yes…” The man raised a finger and shook it, a smile still playing on his lips. “But there are some…terms and conditions.”

Gerard frowned. “Fine. Spit it out, then.”

“I’ll allow you to take my blood more than once – as often as you like, actually, as long as it doesn’t endanger my well-being.” The three vampires exchanged looks – now this was a rare find. “But I do require one form of payment from each of you…and I get to choose what.”

Gerard raised an eyebrow.

The man continued, pointing at Michael. “From you, I want wealth.” Then, at Ray. “From you, I want power.” And then his gaze moved to Gerard, and he folded his arms. “And from you, I want sex.”

Michael and Ray went quiet. Gerard’s jaw worked and he hoped the anger he felt was conveyed in his expression. What Frank was suggesting was definitely illegal (though that wasn’t what upset him). But he was hungry, and if the man truly meant they could drink from him as often as they liked…it was a good deal, and Gerard would accept it, if only for the benefit of his children. He nodded once, curtly. “Fine. It’s a deal.”

The man grinned, bouncing on his heels. “Great. I’m Frank Iero, by the way. Pleasure to meet you all.”

Michael said, “By wealth, do you simply mean large quantities of money?”

Frank shrugged. “Large quantities of money would work, yes. An estate to live in would be even better. With servants. And an excellent cook.” He licked his lips.

Michael looked back steadily. “Alright,” he murmured.

Ray asked, “What exactly do you mean by power?”

Frank considered it. “Influence, you know. The power to speak and be heard…the power of being known throughout Florence. Be creative.” Ray dipped his head, and Frank tilted his head at Gerard. “Do I have to explain your part of the deal, too?”

Gerard glowered at him in answer, and Frank laughed brashly. “Anyway, you can all have a taste now, if you want.” He gestured down the street. “My home is nearby.”

“As you wish,” Gerard gritted out.


Frank considered it to have been, all in all, a successful night.

His neck kind of hurt from the bites on either side – one from the tall vampire and the other from the one with lots of hair – but if the vampires stood true to their word, their end of the bargain would more than make up for some mild discomfort.

But the night wasn’t over yet.

The two vampires had since left, and the third one – the pretty one – had whispered something to them before they went on their way. The pretty vampire intrigued Frank – he was smaller than the other two, only a bit taller than Frank, and his face was so soft and delicate it verged on feminine. His hair was dark, feathering out behind his ears – rebelliously longer than was fashionable at that time.

Yes, he was very pretty, but Frank had also chosen him for sex because at first glance, he seemed to easily be the weakest of the three. The tall one was lean and wiry. The hairy one was muscular and heavily built. But the pretty one was slender, with little muscle or fat on his frame. And so, Frank reasoned, he was the least likely to hurt him. That was what he’d thought at first. But…there was something dark, something bitter in the pretty vampire’s hazel eyes. He tried to ignore it.

“So,” Frank said, and the pretty vampire raised his head warily. “Shall we go to my bedroom?”

The vampire sniffed. “I suppose,” he said coldly. He followed Frank upstairs, his footsteps nearly silent, and when Frank closed the bedroom door behind them with a click, he started to think that maybe this had been a very stupid idea on his part. Pretty vampire did not look happy at all with the situation.

Frank sat down on the edge of his bed, fingers curling into the sheets. Pretty vampire didn’t move. “I don’t suppose I could know your name?”

“Gerard,” he muttered, crossing his arms. He paused. “It was either very brave or very foolish of you to ask me to do this, you know.” Frank opened his mouth but he held up a hand and continued. “I suspect that you thought I was the weakest of my coven, the youngest? The least dangerous? Something easy to fuck with little thought of getting hurt?”

Frank bit his lip. “Well, I…”

Gerard leaned back against the door. “Idiot. I’m their sire, and I’m over a century older than both of them.” His eyes flashed, and Frank felt cold all over. “I was alive before the Laws were passed,” he growled. “I murdered more pathetic little humans than you could imagine. I even killed my own sire.” Gerard started to cross the room, and Frank was frozen, his eyes wide. Oh, fuck. Oh fuck, he had made such a big mistake, and now he was going to die. “And you, you’re nothing but a little boy who thinks he can take whatever he wants.” The vampire’s lips parted, and his nostrils flared, as if he were scenting the air.

Frank knew he could taste his terror, heavy and thick around them.

Gerard glared down at him, now standing directly in front of him, his fangs exposed. “Yes, you should be afraid, little one. You should be afraid, because nobody has dared to bed me for two centuries,” he spat. Frank gulped. Two hundred years, and he’d never…? “And then you came along,” he said, his voice dropping to a low purr, and Frank tried to move away, but the vampire’s hands were on his shoulders, pushing him down against the mattress, trapping him, and Frank had been so wrong to think he was weak. He could feel the raw power when Gerard settled between his legs, shoving Frank’s thighs up until his knees were pressed against his torso and he felt more vulnerable than ever.

“I’m sorry,” Frank whispered, fighting the crack in his voice and aiming for contrite and pleading instead. “I’m so sorry, please; please don’t hurt me – you can take my blood, I don’t need any payment, I –”

“No payment? But my children are working so hard for you. It only seems fair that I pay you too, doesn’t it?” Gerard’s lips were inches from his own, and Frank swallowed. Gerard sat back on his heels, though, and said, “Strip.”

Frank gaped at him, but the vampire just raised an eyebrow. Shakily (and with the certainty that this was probably going to be a lot more painful than a vampire bite), he unbuttoned his vest and shirt, shrugging them off. Gerard’s dark gaze raked over him, and he felt very small and very ugly – he was nothing but a ‘pathetic little human,’ after all. He didn’t want to, but he found himself undoing his trousers, tossing them off the bed, and then wriggling out of his underwear. He curled in on himself, his bare body trembling as he awaited whatever harsh treatment the vampire had in store for him.

But instead of going to him, Gerard took off his long evening coat, and loosened the cravat at his neck, and then his waistcoat and all the layers after that. Frank hugged his knees to his chest, still scared, yes…but each new swathe of pale, flawless skin was entrancing to him. Gerard didn’t break his gaze as he kicked off his pants, and then removed his own undergarments easily. Frank inhaled sharply at the sight of his cock, flushed against the snowy expanse of his thighs and hips. It was longer than Frank’s, he thought, but not thicker, which…well, that was probably good, all things considered. Still, he quivered with apprehension when Gerard did approach him, crawling over his prone body like a prowling cat.

Despite his fear, a slow thud of arousal had started within Frank ever since Gerard had stepped into the room, and his cock was hard when Gerard fit a hand around it easily, eyes still fixed on his. The action surprised Frank, and he arched up into it, eyes closing instinctively, so he wasn’t expecting it when Gerard’s mouth met his in a strangely sweet kiss. At first, Frank was unsure if the vampire wanted him to be reciprocating, but as the moments passed, he warmed up to it, licking into Gerard’s mouth eagerly, breath catching when his tongue was sliced by one of the nearly-hidden fangs. He felt the tremor that went through the vampire as he tasted Frank’s blood, and pulled back uncertainly. Gerard was breathing hard, and Frank nibbled on his lower lip, letting his head fall to the side, exposing his neck.

“You can, if you want,” he said, and it was ridiculous because he was pretty damn sure the vampire wasn’t waiting for permission, and he most definitely did want, if the desire in his eyes was anything to go by.

Gerard blinked at him, and then nuzzled down against the curve of Frank’s collar, his lips soft and damp, swollen from their kiss. Frank willed himself to relax, and so when Gerard found a vein and bit down, he was pliant and let the frantic flutter of his heartbeat speak for itself. He was a little faint from the blood that the others had taken, but he could handle this. And…Frank wasn’t sure if it was just because Gerard was older and more experienced with his thralling abilities, but a wave of warmth and comfort was washing over him that he’d never really felt before, not from a vampire bite anyway.

But Gerard pulled away much too soon, and Frank opened his mouth in confusion. Gerard just shook his head and stuck two fingers between his lips instead, and okay, yes, Frank was onboard with that. He sucked, and Gerard hissed, but it wasn’t a sound of displeasure at all, and he seemed just as eager as Frank when he took his fingers out and slipped them between Frank’s thighs, which were already growing slick with sweat. Frank moaned shamelessly, pressing up against the teasing fingertips that circled around his hole torturously. “Please,” he whispered, feeling Gerard’s eyes on him, drinking in every one of his reactions and the responses of his body greedily.

When Gerard pushed the fingers in, Frank’s spine billowed, and his voice broke on a sound somewhere between a cry and a low, satisfied moan. It was nearly too much, and the slide was almost overcome by the friction, but it was exactly what he needed. Well. Not exactly.

Gerard added another finger, and Frank squirmed. Gerard laughed lowly, but the sound broke in the middle, and when Frank looked at him, he saw Gerard lick his own hand, wrapping it around his cock and stroking, lining up. Frank shuddered and his legs fell open in blatant invitation (as if Gerard needed any more encouragement to continue).

When Gerard replaced his fingers with his cock, it was in a hard, full thrust that left Frank overwhelmed by sensation, Gerard’s hands tight and bruising on his hips as he began to move. Frank rocked back, making small ah sounds, and his cock twitched every time it brushed against Gerard’s stomach. Frank gasped as Gerard moved faster, the thrusting becoming closer to pounding; strength and lust pouring from him in a devastating wave. Frank knew, of course, that he was feeling Gerard’s thrall now – there was no mistaking the raw, wild emotion that had an inhuman intensity to it, dragging him down into an endless spiral, completely under the vampire’s control. Humans could resist the thrall – but he was so, so far from resisting right now. He let himself drown in it instead, throwing his head back and cursing when Gerard’s fangs found his skin again – this time slicing into his shoulder, the pain red-hot and perfect.

Gerard was still moving, frustrated, finally yanking Frank up off the bed and into his lap instead, sucking and kissing at the fresh cut as his rhythm sped up. With each thrust, Frank saw stars, and he clung to the vampire as he neared his climax. He moaned and let go, so fucking ready to come…but Gerard’s thrall pushed him back, and he let out a cry of dismay, struggling against it. He went still, though, when Gerard nipped his ear and whispered, “Not until I come,” in a low snarl that made Frank groan and nod hastily, burying his face against Gerard’s throat and the silky, inky tendrils of his hair.

With renewed determination, his hips rolled down hard against Gerard’s, and he rose and fell steadily, teeth gritted as Gerard spilled a filthy litany into his ear. Most of it was nearly incomprehensible, but he could make out his own name, snatches of compliments, and sounds like broken sobs. It was this sound that fell from Gerard’s lips when he thrust up hard into Frank one last time and came, biting Frank’s neck again as he did so, shallow and bruising.

Frank did not have long to wait for his release, because the next moment Gerard gave him his own pleasure multiplied tenfold, and the sheer bliss of it pushed him over the edge. He whined and sank a hand into Gerard’s hair as he came between their bodies, his chest heaving and skin slick with sweat and come. Distantly, he could feel Gerard’s tongue on his neck, licking the remaining blood there and healing it, and he slumped against him, eyes falling shut as the dizzy feeling he’d been expecting finally caught up to him.

“Oh,” Gerard murmured, sounding far away, and Frank felt his broad palms cupping his face. He could break Frank’s neck in a second; he knew that. But strangely, Frank was not afraid anymore, and he let Gerard move him until there was a pillow under his head and rumpled sheets covering his spent body. Frank made a quiet noise, and Gerard shushed him. “Sleep, little one,” the vampire said. A feeling of exhaustion and coolness swept over him all at once, and he slipped into blessed slumber.


“You were gone for a while,” Michael said casually, but Gerard did not have to look to see the smirk on his face. He frowned.

“I spoke with the boy for a time,” he said smoothly, folding his arms and looking out the grand bay window at the city’s expanse.

“What about?” Ray remarked from the doorway.

Gerard sniffed, still resolutely not meeting his gaze. “About what his place is and how he made a very big error in judgment when he supposed I was the weakest out of us three.” He scoffed. “As if. Anyway, blood tastes far better when prey is frightened, doesn’t it?” He did look at them when he said that, being sure to show his stained fangs when he smiled, and he didn’t miss Ray’s subtle flinch or the way Michael paled slightly. It satisfied him to see he still had their loyalty, and their fear of him. It was the fear that kept vampire clans together.

“I purchased a fair-sized estate for the boy,” Mikey said after a long pause. “It should be fully staffed and furnished within the week.”

Ray and Gerard both looked at him admiringly, and Gerard whistled lowly. “You truly are a man of your word, Michael. What about you, Ray? Any progress?”

Ray shrugged. “I suppose. I, ah… ‘persuaded’ some very influential people to consider giving one Frank Iero a title of nobility, perhaps a Lord. I’ll need to dig up some more information on him, but…it should all turn out as planned soon enough.”

Gerard gave them both a slow clap, nodding approvingly. “Excellent job, both of you. I do wonder if there are others of these humans in the city…others like Frank, who are willing to let us drink from them as often as we like.”

Michael looked thoughtful. “I could go out and see what I can find.”

Gerard dipped his head. “Good. In the meantime, I’ll continue your work on the estate and see if I can further ‘persuade’ those influential people.” He paused and then added, “Oh, and…if you’re hungry, find a meal other than Frank. He needs some time to recover.” He tilted his head at them, challenging, but neither of them rose to the bait. They just nodded and left the room, leaving Gerard in front of the window, staring out at the city. He folded his arms and frowned at the dark smudge of Frank’s dried blood on his wrist, licking his fingertip and brushing it off with a haughty sniff.

The boy really was something else, coming on so strongly to a vampire. And his fear had been alluring, yes…but more than that, his pleasure had been simply intoxicating. Gerard hadn’t been lying when he said it had been two centuries since he had bedded anyone. Lindsey was the only one he’d ever lain with, before Frank. But it was far different to fuck as a vampire than it was as a human. It was more…intense. And when he’d bitten Frank as he’d climaxed…that had felt different, too. It had felt less like feeding, and more like claiming. Marking the foolish little human as his own.

And Gerard wasn’t sure how he felt about that at all.


A few days had passed since Gerard the pretty vampire had thrown Frank around his own bed until he passed out (and admittedly given him the best orgasm of his life). He couldn’t stop thinking about it, and the more he thought about it, the more he wondered exactly how strong Gerard was. He also wondered if Gerard would ever let Frank fuck him (and he was pretty sure he knew the answer to that). Still…he wondered. Gerard had claimed not to have had sex in two hundred years. Now, Frank wasn’t a history expert, but two hundred years ago, it was pretty common knowledge that homosexuality hadn’t been widely accepted at all. Not that it was commonplace (or even legal) nowadays, but…it happened, and everyone knew it.

Anyway, he reasoned that Gerard must’ve only had sex with women. Which meant even if Gerard wasn’t technically a virgin, he’d never been fucked. And the more he thought about it – an ancient, bloodthirsty vampire pinned and helpless underneath him, begging for more – the more he wanted it.

Obviously, though, Gerard wouldn’t stand for that. Not if he had any say in the matter, that is. See, Frank wasn’t actually as foolish as Gerard made him out to be. He knew a fair amount about vampires – enough to let them drink from him and survive, anyway. He also knew enough about them to keep a bushel of vervain in his pantry – innocent-looking purple flowers that could make a vampire as weak as a kitten (and, in large amounts, kill them). Frank really liked vervain – not only did it keep the vamps away, it also made a very delicious tea.

And the properties of vervain were retained in the tea, which stayed in the bloodstream for at least a couple hours. So before going out to visit his pretty vampire, Frank made some tea, and he drank the whole pot.



Gerard was starving when Frank showed up on the doorstep of his grand house – he had deep shadows under his eyes and a gauntness to his cheekbones that wasn’t there before. It almost made Frank feel guilty about his plan, but then Gerard tugged him inside and backed him against the closed door, teeth grazing his neck, and Frank’s guilt turned into lust instead.

Within minutes, Gerard had dragged him upstairs, into a sumptuous bedroom with a canopy bed that he shoved Frank down onto, quickly ridding them both of their clothing. Despite his obvious hunger, he hadn’t bitten Frank yet…it gave Frank a feeling of smugness that Gerard was actually still waiting for his approval. Frank batted his eyelashes and said in a low voice, “Go ahead, vampire. I know you’re dying for it.”

Gerard narrowed his eyes at him, but seconds later, his teeth sank in, sweet and sharp. Frank purred and melted back against the pillows, waiting patiently. Gerard drank for a while before he jerked back, eyes wide and confused. It was kind of adorable (even with the whole bloodstained mouth thing he had going on). Frank sat up, an eyebrow raised.

“What…what did you do?” Gerard hissed, clutching at his chest desperately, his skin breaking out in sweat as his spine buckled. He bared his teeth, but it made him look like less of an intimidating monster and more like a cornered animal. Frank grinned and crawled over to him, and when Gerard tried to lash out, his movement was sluggish and Frank easily grabbed his wrists and pinned them to the headboard. Gerard snarled, bucking and writhing, spitting out threats and insults, but they were all empty and he knew it.

“Vervain,” Frank said softly, petting Gerard’s hair. It was like silk to the touch. The vampire glared at him with unadulterated loathing. “I’m actually rather surprised you didn’t pick up on it sooner. Oh, well – more time for me to do whatever I want. You can try to fight back…though as you’ve already seen, it won’t do you much good.”

“What the fuck are you doing to me?” Gerard growled, the throaty sound turning into a shriek when Frank flipped him over onto his stomach, palms warm on his jutting hipbones. He whistled approvingly, and Gerard squirmed, still frustrated and upset. Frank could see the profile of his face as he watched Frank warily, fangs digging into his lower lip.

Frank waited a little bit before answering, nosing down against the curve of the vampire’s spine before he said matter-of-factly, “I’m going to fuck you,” and bit down hard on the swell of his ass. Gerard yelped and started thrashing again, but Frank smacked him and he stopped with a drawn-out hiss. Frank admired the red handprint, pulling Gerard’s hips up higher ‘til his face was buried against the pillows and his ass was on display. He smiled. It looked even better than he’d imagined.

“I’m going to fucking murder you in your sleep,” Gerard promised, and Frank shrugged before leaning down and licking right over Gerard’s asshole. Gerard made a choked noise, and Frank did it again, and again, and again, until Gerard stopped fighting it and started pushing back into it instead, his dick hard and heavy between his legs. Frank saw the moment that Gerard moved to touch himself, and nipped his inner thigh harshly before yanking Gerard’s hand away and slamming it so hard against the headboard that his thin wrist cracked. Gerard’s head hung down and he was breathing unevenly, but aside from a small twitch of his fingers, he didn’t resist it. Frank rewarded him by pressing the flat of his tongue against his balls, teeth grazing them enough to make Gerard shiver. The vampire was strangely pliant all of a sudden, and his moan was soft but real when Frank kissed the end of his spine, right over the sloping curve of the bone.

Frank breathed over the pale skin, ghosting his mouth across it, licking and sucking wherever he could. Gerard’s body arched when Frank got his tongue back inside of him, getting everything wet and messy, so it didn’t take long for his damp fingers to press against and push in, slick and easy. Gerard stopped moaning, and Frank curled his fingers persistently, but even when he was sure he must be driving the vampire crazy, he was quiet. He kept trying, but although his cock was just as hard as before, he was still and silent. Frank huffed in annoyance and pulled his fingers out, which made Gerard gasp and glance back at him.

And for the first time, Frank saw genuine fear in the vampire’s eyes.

Frank paused, his fingertips soft on the base of Gerard’s spine, and he could feel the way Gerard trembled and the tenseness of his muscles when his fingers trailed even slightly downward. Gerard’s expression was guarded and distrustful, and though he would never admit it, Frank knew he was, in that moment, scared of Frank and of what he might do. The vampire’s lips parted and he bared his teeth.

“Well? You’ve got me where you want me, don’t you? What are you waiting for – my consent?” Gerard snickered, but there was an uncertain edge to it.

“Maybe,” Frank hedged, wrapping a hand around his own cock and noticing the way Gerard’s eyes flicked down and then up again, his throat bobbing as he gulped. Gerard lifted his head higher, and his hips twitched a little under Frank’s grip.

“You’ll be waiting a long time, then,” he snapped, and glanced away hurriedly, pillowing his head in his arms. “Just do it, fuck you,” Gerard whispered, his voice muffled.

Frank bit his lip and shuffled behind him, lining up, and then the head of his cock nudged between Gerard’s thighs and he had another idea. He shoved Gerard down until he was flat against the bed, turned him over onto his side, and then spooned up behind him, thrusting experimentally into the soft space between his legs, not breaching him but rubbing up close, so close that Gerard squeaked in surprise. Frank nuzzled at the back of his neck and worried the skin there with his teeth gently, until Gerard eased back into it. Frank smiled and reached around to stroke Gerard where he was aching, and it was worth it for the frantic, whiny sound that spilled from the vampire’s lips. He tightened his fingers around the crown of it and Gerard let out all his breath in a shaky exhale, his head tipping forwards against his chest and fingers gripping tight onto the pillow. Frank thought he could hear cotton tearing, but honestly, he could care less right now.

Frank thrust again, his other hand tight on Gerard’s ass, nails digging in enough to leave tiny ivory crescents whenever Gerard jerked back, grinding his ass hard against Frank, until they were both moaning from the friction and the slickness left by Frank’s mouth and his dick, lending a slippery smoothness to it all. Frank managed to match the shallow thrusts of his hips to the movements of his hand, speeding up steadily, and after that it wasn’t long before Gerard was shaking and groaning and coming all over Frank’s fist. He slumped but Frank held him in place, thrusting as hard as he dared before he followed suit, making everything even more of a mess than it had been before.

They lay there in the aftermath, Frank’s eyes slipping closed as he focused on their slowing heartbeats and the warmth between them. Gerard was still weak from the vervain, because he did not resist when Frank draped an arm over him and snuggled closer. He briefly considered cleaning up after them both, but his exhaustion won out and he fell asleep curled around the vampire.


When Gerard woke up, it was to renewed strength in his body and white-hot rage thrumming through him.

His eyes flashed open, and before Frank could even move, he rolled away from his clinging arms and slammed Frank onto his back, the human’s eyes opening at the first squeeze of Gerard’s fingers around his neck. His mouth opened with a panicked gasp, but Gerard straddled his chest and hissed down at him furiously. “I thought you were foolish…but this is just plain crazy.” He tightened his grip and Frank struggled to breathe, his face turning red and his hands clawing desperately at his throat. “Nothing to say for yourself?” Gerard sneered, tilting his head down and staring into Frank’s terrified eyes. When they started to roll back, he released his hold on the human’s throat, and Frank sucked in huge gulps of air, coughing and clutching at his bruised neck. He sniffed the air discreetly and was pleased to smell no impurities in Frank’s blood – the vervain had worn off.

“I’m sorry,” Frank forced out, his voice sounding abraded and croaky. “I’m so sorry, I thought –”

“What, you thought the vervain would knock me out for at least a day?” Gerard laughed spitefully. “Idiot. Again, you forget my strength. But I’ll make sure you don’t forget it now.” With that, he lunged, biting into Frank’s jugular with ease. There wasn’t much thought to the action at first – it was his instinct to bite there, to bite to kill. It was only when blood hot and straight from the heart flowed into his mouth that he realized the severity of the action, and he withdrew his teeth, licking quickly over the bloody wound as Frank’s skin paled and he started to go limp. He willed himself to heal it faster, and the bite marks closed up in seconds, leaving Frank’s vein whole again.

“I’m sorry,” Frank whimpered again, his voice faint, and Gerard looked at him steadily, letting it sink in that he could’ve just died – and it was only due to him that Frank had survived. Still staring, his head dipped down to Frank’s inner thigh, his fangs snagging so, so close to the femoral artery. But he wouldn’t bite there – Frank had had enough near-death experiences for one night. Instead, he sank his teeth in inches away from it, licking his lips when he was done and then flicking his eyes towards Frank’s cock, which had started to fill out in dawning arousal as Gerard licked over the fresh cut until it became a purpling bruise. It was dark with blood, and he eyed it speculatively.

“Wait,” Frank said with a shudder, “wait, no, please don’t bite my dick, holy shit do not bite my dick.

Gerard sat up, and his grin was mischief incarnate. Frank tried to scoot away, but Gerard snorted and held him down effortlessly, loving the complete and utter horror in the silly little human’s eyes. Gerard didn’t break his gaze when he sucked the head of Frank’s cock into his mouth, being sure to keep his fangs at a distance. He wasn’t that cruel. Frank’s uncertain moan was music to his ears, and he sucked harder, until his lips slipped down to the middle of Frank’s cock, and he let his fangs move forward teasingly, the razor-like tips skating down the throbbing skin, craving the blood so close to the surface.

Distantly, he heard Frank’s startled yelp, and then his shout when Gerard bit down. He was careful – even if he was mad at Frank, he did have a pretty cock, and it would be a shame if anything happened to it. Besides, he was pretty sure Frank would be into it – and sure enough, his cock jumped in Gerard’s mouth, spilling out new blood across his tongue as Frank groaned in both pain and pleasure. Gerard countered his languid sucking with quick tugs, and it amused him how quickly Frank got fully hard again as he healed the marks with the rasping velvet of his tongue.

But then he remembered Frank’s tongue against him, before all of this, and his rage returned, and when he jerked Frank off, it was rough and punishing, his nails digging in and his thumb swiping firmly across the leaking head until Frank cried out, high and remorseful, coming fast. Gerard blanketed his body with his own, half wanting to just fuck him hard and hurtful, but…Frank hadn’t fucked him, even when he’d been so unbearably helpless and at the human’s mercy. He had to remember that, because that was the only reason he was letting Frank leave here alive.

When Gerard came, it was with his cock thrust against Frank’s hip and his teeth scraping under Frank’s jaw. He rode out the aftershocks with his head bowed and legs locked tight around Frank’s sweaty body.

Frank nudged his cheek hesitantly with his nose, and Gerard turned his head to look at him, heavy-lidded. They kissed light and cautious until Gerard’s fangs snagged on Frank’s lower lip and tore the fragile skin. Gerard lapped against the cut until Frank whined lowly and pulled away, his face pink and eyes blown.

“You could’ve killed me,” Frank said, hushed, into the silence between them.

“I still could,” Gerard warned, but doubt gnawed at his heart.

“So why didn’t you?” Frank shot back, a line appearing between his eyebrows. Softer, “Why didn’t you, Gerard?”

Gerard frowned. “Why didn’t you?” he replied harshly, and Frank bit his lip where it had bled already, but he didn’t answer. He looked away, and Gerard got off of him, practically forcing him out of the bed. “Get out,” he said tiredly, running a hand through his hair. The taste of Frank’s blood still lingered in his mouth, rich and metallic, and the scent of him covered them both like heady perfume. Suddenly, the scent and the taste combined overwhelmed him, and it was too much – Frank was too much. “Get out,” he whispered again, “before I change my mind.”

“Alright,” Frank mumbled, stepping away and gathering up his clothes in his arms. “Thank you for uh…not murdering me.”

Gerard laughed, but it was humorless. “Oh, but that’s illegal, Frank,” he chided, “and we wouldn’t want to break the law, now would we?”

“Right,” Frank said uneasily. There was a spot of faded yellow and deep violent on his throat that Gerard couldn’t stop staring at. He could see Frank’s pulse thudding there, and he selfishly wished for another taste. He could cross the room right now, corner Frank against the wall, and drink straight from his carotid – the true heart vein. He could drink until Frank wilted and pleaded in his arms, until he’d drained him nearly to the last drop.

And then, as Frank was fighting to breathe his last, Gerard could slash his own wrist and offer it to him as a kind of twisted salvation, a chance to cheat Death – forever. He could make Frank a monster, no – he could make Frank eternally his.

It was always within his power to do so, no matter what laws tried to convince him otherwise.

But he was just a longing vampire, and Frank was just a foolish human. So he turned away, and let him go, listening to his footsteps on the staircase until they faded into nothing.
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Firstly, the original base of the preview image for this story is by onlyhopeformeismcr, and you should definitely fav and comment on it here: Anywhere But Here by onlyhopeformeismcr

anyway, this is my annual halloween frerard oneshot thing. Yes, yes...more vampire gerard. i have a thing for vampire gerard and I'm actually not even sorry about it :lol:

happy almost Halloween! (10 days is almost, okay.)

I really hope you guys enjoy; comment and fav if you are so inclined! :heart: ily
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i ended a friendship, other friendships ended of their own accord, i struggled with old problems, fell into old habits, got some bad news, saw far too many doctors, have been sick in more ways than one, and had a great big series of existential crises.

it was not a lot of fun.

luckily, i am a lot better now than i was before, i think. i've been doing nanowrimo - write a 50k novel in a month - and that has really been therapeutic for me. so even if i've stopped writing frerard, i am still writing. i don't think it's in my nature to stop.

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