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May 19, 2012
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Frank Iero and Gerard Way lay sprawled out on their backs in the trunk of Gerard's truck, staring up at the pollution fogged night sky.

"Jesus, Manhattan fucking wrecks the sky, huh," Frank said absently, hands behind his head.

Gerard glanced over at him, then nodded. "Yeah. But it's kinda nice, in a way."

Frank spectacularly eyerolled his gaze to Gerard's face. "The pollution is nice? How so?"

"Well, you know. It's...familiar. I mean, it would be great and all if the world was clean and healthy and New York didn't spew its shit into the sky all the time, but as it is, it's okay. It's what I've always known, I guess." He didn't meet Frank's gaze, just chewed his lip and swallowed nervously.

"Well, sure," Frank said quietly after a pause, "but didn't you ever like...want something different from usual? Out of the ordinary?"

Gerard was silent, then, "Not really. I like being normal."

Frank stared at him. "Says the boy who draws hordes of zombie unicorns disemboweling his enemies, loves French, has a little brother who puts forks in toasters, and hangs out with me." He exhaled through his nose and looked back up with an expression that was half 'you're-a-moron' and half amused. "That's not normal, Gerard."

The other giggled and turned away, taking in the cloudy stars. All the dusty grey and brown up there looked like someone had forgotten to wash the universe, leaving great stains across the heavens.

"Hey, well, it's my normal," Gerard sighed, almost forlornly, Frank noticed.

Frank propped himself up on his elbow and leaned closer so that their sides were touching. "Hey," he said softly, "I like my normal too, y'know? But just gotta make things exciting. Y'know, Gee?"

"How, though, Frankie?" Gerard replied, looking up at his friend's face, framed by dark hair and sky.

Frank leaned back comfortably so that he once again faced the stars. "A lot of times, exciting things, different things...they don't just come to you." He paused. "See...a lot of times, exciting things happen from stupidity. So you just gotta...just gotta take a risk, Gee." He grinned at him as he said, "Be insanely brave for twenty seconds, and something good will come of it. Or," he added, laughing, "at least something exciting."

Gerard smiled crookedly and leaned back too, his arms a pillow for his head of long, inky hair, darker than the dirty sky.


"Shit, man, I'm tired, yeah?" Frank asked from where he was awkwardly splayed out on the little couch in Gerard's room, his sleepy green eyes peeping out from behind his messy brown hair.

"Mm, come on," Gerard yawned, literally falling onto his bed and patting the mattress. "That couch is gross, and too small for even you, Frankie." Frank wrinkled his nose in a way Gerard found very adorable, and then slowly climbed up onto the bed next to Gerard, humming when Gerard gently pulled the sheets up to cover their bodies.

"'Night, Gee," Frank mumbled hazily.

"Hey, Frank?" Gee said suddenly.

Twenty seconds, yeah. He could do this.

"Uhuh, Gee?" Frank looked up, brow furrowed in tired confusion.

"I...uh...just..." 20, 19, 18.

"What?" Frank asked, pressing closer to hear him, the warmth making Gerard's head spin.

17, 16, 15.

Fuck it. Gerard looked straight into Frank's sleepy, beautiful, emerald eyes, and raised a hand to softly cup his face.

14, 13, 12.

"Hi," he said, low and whispery, and then he leaned forward.

11, 10.

Their lips met, and Frank squirmed in surprise, his lips popping open in reflex, tongue slipping out between them and meeting Gerard's.

9. 8. 7.

Gerard made a very quiet sound in his throat and moved closer, wrapping an arm around Frank and holding him close, working his mouth steadily across the other's, tongue lapping at the edges of his lips.


Frank made a tiny mewing sound and opened his mouth further, his arms flying up to Gerard's neck and looping themselves around. "Ungh," he gasped as Gerard kissed harder, making the last few moments count. They lay pressed together, connected, among the dark sheets in the silver moonlight.


Gerard broke away, panting slightly, studying Frank's face, which was dazed and flushed, his mouth wide open.

" were those twenty seconds?" Gerard asked meekly after a heavy silence.

Frank blinked before his mouth twisted into a smile of realization, and he looked up at Gerard, arms still around his neck.

"I," Frank whispered, "am going to use my twenty more."

He surged forward and for the second time, their lips met...

...for just a little longer than twenty seconds.
I have an explanation for this randomness xD

I just watched the movie 'We Bought a Zoo' with my little sister (lolol Scarlett Johansson was in it and every time her face came on the screen I was all: BlackWidowBlackWidowBlackWidowlookit'sBlackWidow), and it was pretty good and sad and awww. Twas very nice.

But there was this one line in it that of course sparked the Frerard inspiration side of my mind, and that line was, "Be insanely brave for 20 seconds, and something good will come of it. I promise."
>D And thus this was born. I don't own that line, Matt Damon pretty much does since he said it :XD: Or whoever his brother in the movie was.

Whatever xD

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